Standing Up for Taxpayers to Better Serve People & Employers

Our Focus for This Year's #PABudget

Members of the PA House Republican Caucus will focus on:

Work and Economic Opportunity
- Improving the state’s climate to help workers have good-paying jobs and careers.
- Fixing a fractured workforce training system.
- Helping businesses grow by cutting onerous bureaucratic red-tape.
- Reforming the state’s tax structure – for residents and employers.

Educating for Success
- The vast majority of Pennsylvania schools teach their kids well. For those other schools, more money doesn’t make better teachers. The House Republican focus is on improving the product of our education system and ensuring parents have the best education option for their child. 
- Creating high-quality educational options for students based on the work and recommendations of the bipartisan Career and Technical Education Subcommittee.
- Ensuring students graduate from school ready to succeed in the workplace and in life.

Escaping Government Dysfunction
- The status quo is clearly not working. We are looking toward reinventing a more effective and efficient government while providing core services.

Protecting Families and Communities

- Improving safety and the quality of life for Pennsylvania residents.

Overall, Republicans want to clear the way for people to fulfill the American Dream: a good education, a good-paying job or career, and a safe and secure home and community.

PA House Republicans will continue to stand up for taxpayers and are committed to helping all Pennsylvanians.

 Leaders of the PA House and PA Senate respond to the governor's budget address.

Where We've Been

The last three years have been highlighted by contrasting visions:
- big government of the governor and his Democratic allies, or
- the Republican vision of limited government/personal responsibility.

The governor’s continued focus has been for more spending without accountability, and he has pushed (and threatened to close schools) for increasing taxes on every Pennsylvanian and employer.

We See a Different Vision for PA
House Republican members see a Pennsylvania which is:
- an economic leader;
- a competitor among states for job and career growth; and
- a place young people want to come and stay.

We understand there is much work to be done to rebuild and restart that state. While we will continue to stand up for the taxpayer, we are committed to making Pennsylvania a better place to live, work and play.

This year, thanks to legislative Republican responsible budgeting efforts, the state is not in the midst of a gaping deficit, which will allow us to better look at how money is being spent and whether the government is spending taxpayer dollars effectively.
It is essential that Pennsylvania only spends what it takes in, and we fully intend to pursue a budget without any new revenues. The potential positive impacts from the federal tax reductions, according to the Independent Fiscal Office (IFO), could put Pennsylvania in a very good fiscal position by the end of this year and certainly next year as well.

We need to ensure the state doesn’t take those savings from our citizens or employers!

By keeping the taxpayers’ interests in mind, we have been able to fix the governor’s deficit while still providing more money for education.

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