Jul. 29, 2021

HARRISBURG – With President Biden in the Lehigh Valley this week, reports indicate his economic policies and those of top ally Gov. Tom Wolf are creating a “full-blown crisis” in terms of a workforce shortage in Pennsylvania.

That includes the stay-at-home payments supported by both President Biden and Gov. Wolf that have subsequently been abandoned by at least half of all states seeking to boost employment, according to a recent report from the York Daily Record.

“The job market is especially challenging in Pennsylvania,” the York Daily Record reported. “The federal unemployment padding that helped people during the pandemic is dis-incentivizing people from returning to work, according to Gene Barr, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry. Some other states have abandoned the extra federal money, but Pennsylvania is still in it.”

The Center Square also recently reported on how testifiers at a House Republican Policy Committee hearing stated that the workforce shortage is impacting southwestern Pennsylvania’ economic recovery.

“Business owners said Thursday they can’t compete with the $300 weekly boost to unemployment compensation,” it was reported. “Rules that require residents to forfeit benefits if they turn down a job offer have gone unenforced, while work search requirements for claimants only resumed this week after an 18-month pause.”

Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus