May. 13, 2015

HARRISBURG – After the state House today in Harrisburg approved a bill that would provide significant, dollar-for-dollar school property tax reductions for homeowners across the Commonwealth, Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks/Lancaster) issued the following statement:

“The House vote shows strong bipartisan support for dollar-for-dollar replacement of school district property taxes.

“I am committed to the ultimate goal of completely replacing school district property taxes.

“The bill approved by the House would use state income and sales tax revenues to partially replace local school district property taxes. This is an important victory for those of us who would like to shift the burden of education funding from local property taxes to the state sales tax and income tax.

“Completely replacing school district property taxes would require a similar shift. Today’s vote shows a bipartisan majority of members recognize the need to transition from a property tax-based school funding system to one that relies on the state sales tax and income tax.

“The House vote also asserts the need to provide dollar-for-dollar property tax reductions. Previous plans have called for the Commonwealth to significantly raise the state sales tax and income tax and only return part of the revenues to homeowners through property tax replacements. This bill would use every new dollar of revenue to reduce local property taxes.

“When this bill arrives in the state Senate, our colleagues are likely to amend the legislation or pass their own measure. This is an early stage in an ongoing negotiation process. The House and Senate will eventually have to agree on a final bill, which means it is still possible for lawmakers to agree to completely replace school district property taxes. I will continue to fight for the complete elimination of school property taxes.

“Today’s vote showed we are beginning to see a consensus around some core concepts in the House. First, the state income tax and sales tax should be used to replace school district property taxes. Second, state government should not turn a profit from a property tax plan. These are positive developments for homeowners who share my desire to completely replace school district property taxes.”

House Bill 504 now heads to the state Senate for consideration.

Representative Jim Cox
129th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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