Apr. 15, 2015

HARRISBURG- A resolution sponsored by Rep. Martina White (R-Philadelphia) recognizing 2015 as the “Year of the Law Enforcement Officer” has passed the House.
“On average, one law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty somewhere in the United States every 58 hours,” White said. “Then this March, Philadelphia Officer Robert Wilson III entered a GameStop to buy a gift for his son and walked into a crime scene with two armed robbers holding store employees at bay. Wilson, with his gun drawn, moved away from the terrified customers to place himself directly and solely in the line of fire.”
Wilson was killed.
White introduced House Resolution 232 at a time of great national debate that she fears is dangerously stereotyping police.
“We must never tolerate the demonizing of any group, and that is especially true of the men and women who stand ready to sacrifice their lives in the protection of ours,” White said. “I ask my fellow Pennsylvanians to resist the temptation to stereotype, and to better appreciate what they do for us. Let’s commit to standing against violence directed at our police and to better understand the complexities of the police-community relationship.”
White’s bill declares 2015 the “Year of the Law Enforcement Officer,” but not only for those who gave their lives so tragically.
“This is also for the gallant men and women on that thin blue line who stand between us and lawlessness each and every day,” she said.
House Resolution 232 is the first legislative measure introduced by White since taking office April 13.
Representative Martina White
170th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: David Foster
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