Jan. 21, 2015

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Marcia Hahn (R-Bushkill Township) has received her committee appointments for the 2015-16 House session. She will serve on following four committees: Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Gaming Oversight, Health and Tourism and Recreational Development.

“The individual House committees, of which there are 27, are the first big ‘gates’ in the legislative process,” Hahn said. “Approval of a bill in committee moves it to the House floor for a possible vote and passage to the Senate.

“Three of my four committees are carryover assignments from the 2013-14 session, and I’m anxious to get to work and begin the process of evaluating legislation.”

The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee maintains legislative involvement in agriculture and rural areas, dealing with issues such as dog law enforcement, agriculture research, food safety and farmland preservation. In recent years, it has moved legislation concerning nutrient management and Pennsylvania’s Clean and Green Law.

Legislative issues dealt with by the Health Committee include cash and public assistance, disease management and welfare reform. The committee is also charged with oversight of the Departments of Health and Human Services.

The Tourism and Recreational Development Committee considers legislation dealing with travel and tourism promotion, the Historical and Museum Commission, adjustments in hotel taxes and amusement ride inspections.

Hahn is new to the Gaming Oversight Committee, which interacts with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Office of the Attorney General and State Police. In recent years, the committee has dealt with local option small games of chance and disbursement of casino gambling revenue.

Questions about this or any legislative issue should be directed to Hahn’s district office at (610) 746-2100.

Representative Marcia Hahn
138th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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