May. 02, 2018

HARRISBURG - State Rep. Will Tallman (R-Adams/Cumberland) joined the majority of his Republican colleagues Tuesday in sending the Senate a package of legislation designed to address Pennsylvania’s penchant for overregulation. The bills, which passed on a predominately party line vote, are as follows:

House Bill 209 - Would review and, if needed, repeal unnecessary statutes and regulations. The legislation would also establish a rule that for every new regulation proposed by a department, two existing regulations must be offered for repeal.

House Bill 1237 - Would establish an enhanced review process for major regulations that impose a substantial cost burden on communities, businesses and/or the Commonwealth.

House Bill 1959 - Would make Pennsylvania’s permitting process more transparent by requiring all state agencies to make available on their websites a complete list of permits which the agency administers. The legislation would also create a tracking system that asks the agency to contact permit applicants if the appropriate paperwork is lacking in any way.

House Bill 1960 - Would promote collaboration between business and government by requiring each state agency to appoint a regulatory compliance officer.

Tallman issued the following statement after the vote:

“Pennsylvania’s attempt to grow its economy is often hindered by an inability to stay out of our own way. Anyone in business is well aware of the tremendous number of regulatory ‘hoops’ that must be jumped through when trying to start or make improvements to that business.

“This four-bill package of legislation does not give businesses a free pass to do whatever they want. Rather, it attempts to improve Pennsylvania’s business unfriendly climate and reduce the more than 153,000 regulatory restrictions that impact every industry in the Commonwealth.

“I applaud the authors of these bills, especially Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill (HB 209) and Dawn Keefer (HB 1237) from York County, who defeated numerous attempts to amend and water down their legislation. Pennsylvania’s economy appears to be turning in the right direction, thanks largely to opponents of efforts to raise taxes. These bills look to further unlock our potential and make it easier for job creators and providers to grow their businesses and subsequently create further opportunities for current and future workers.”

Representative Will Tallman
193rd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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