Mar. 13, 2018

HARRISBURG – To help prepare for the next generation of automobiles, the House Transportation Committee on Monday endorsed legislation authored by Rep. Marguerite Quinn (R-Bucks) that seeks to improve the infrastructure for electric and alternative fuel vehicles statewide.

Several of the world’s largest car manufactures have established goals to switch to all electric cars in the coming years. GM announced recently it will make the switch to the alternative-fueled cars, and is expected to introduce a line of 20 models by 2023. Volvo plans to make only hybrid or all-electric vehicles starting in 2019.

“Electric-powered cars are becoming more affordable for both business and personal use,” Quinn said. “However, people are hesitant to purchase alternative fueled cars because of the availability of charging and refueling stations. My legislation seeks to improve that, and to begin to enable the transition for long distance travel with alternative fueled vehicles.”

Quinn noted that new electric and natural vehicles – including cars, trucks and buses – are selling well in the market, and are rapidly becoming more affordable and well-suited to a family or individual’s lifestyle. Opportunities are also increasing to use electricity for off-road uses in our ports, airports and heavy equipment.

Quinn’s House Bill 1446 – the Pennsylvania Clean Transportation Networks Act – would create a framework for building this infrastructure by combining the expertise of our transportation and public utility sectors. The proposal seeks to:

• Establish a state goal of expanding our electric transportation usage by at least 50 percent over baseline forecasts by 2030.
• Direct the development of regional transportation plans so that Pennsylvanians would be able to live, work and play while going electric.
• Require electric utilities to submit infrastructure investment proposals based on the regional frameworks that help cost effectively build charging infrastructure to meet local needs.
• Complete statewide interstate and turnpike fast-electric and natural gas refueling networks.
• Assess opportunities to increase the deployment of natural gas vehicles to support fleets and other high-value uses.

“Alternative fuel vehicles provide a great opportunity to help our economy and our environment at the same time,” Quinn added. “Through good planning and regional collaboration, we can make Pennsylvania a leader in adopting these exciting technologies.”

The legislation now moves to the full House for consideration.

Representative Marguerite Quinn
143rd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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