Mar. 12, 2018

HARRISBURG – Legislation authored by Rep. Rick Saccone
(R-Allegheny/Washington), which would remove the driver’s license suspension for non-driving related drug convictions, passed the House Transportation Committee and will now head to the House.

“In many cases involving license suspensions for non-driving offences, the inability for an offender to drive takes away their livelihood, the ability to provide for their families and their ability to be a productive member of society,” said Saccone.

House Bill 163 would not remove the mandatory license suspensions for crimes that occur while an individual is driving, such as driving while under the influence of a controlled substance.

“While I agree with the fines and structure associated with these crimes, I don’t believe the added penalty of a license suspension is warranted nor does it do anything to curb behavior,” said Saccone. “The individual convicted of any non-driving offence would be better served by doing some community service.”

Although it is currently prohibited for a state to not have a license suspension associated with these crimes, a state can pass a resolution notifying the federal government of its intention to do away with this overly harsh penalty.

“Many people also incorrectly assume that Pennsylvania residents are able to obtain a work or ‘bread and butter’ license that at least allows a person to drive to and from work,” said Saccone. “In Pennsylvania, the work license is called an Occupational Limited License (OLL), and the limited license generally allows a person to drive to and from work, school and medical appointments. The problem is that few people are eligible to receive such a license. For example, a person with a suspension for a drug charge, like possession with intent to deliver a drug or possession of marijuana, is not eligible to receive an OLL.”

House Bill 163 now heads to the full House for a vote.

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Representative Rick Saccone
39th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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