Crafting the 2017-18 State Budget

Reinventing Government in PA Starts with the Budget
It’s time to restart the budget process in Pennsylvania. The citizens of our state can no longer afford, nor will they accept, the same old budget discussion from years past. The days of more taxes, more debt and more spending are behind us.

Instead, our budget process each year should be an opportunity to re-evaluate the priorities of our state and to look for sustainable, pro-growth policies to enhance the lives of each of our residents. This budget plan seeks to focus on core functions of government, while addressing the major cost-drivers within our budget that consistently lead to the same discussion on taxes or cuts year after year.

Majority Leader Dave Reed on the plan

The House Republican Plan
-  Balances the budget, which actually spends less money than last year while requiring no tax increases or new debt to be issued.

-  Continues our commitment to investing in the future of the Commonwealth through our education system. With this budget, Republicans will have increased PreK-12 education by $1 billion since FY2015-16.

-  Reduces and eliminates outdated bureaucratic expenditures so that dollars can be preserved and redirected to core functions of government like education, infrastructure, public safety and human service programs.

-  Begins the process of addressing the major cost-drivers in the budget: pension obligations, debt service, corrections and entitlement spending.

-  Discards the past practice of borrowing money today to spend today for future generations to pay back tomorrow.

>>   FAQ's on the House Republican Budget Plan

Savings and Revenues
The House Republican budget plan is reduced through savings and funded through the state’s current tax structure, yet builds on new recurring and sustainable revenue sources and existing funds:
- Further liquor reforms
- Gaming expansion and reforms
- Special fund transfers
- Tax credit reductions
- Across-the-board administrative (GGO) cuts through all three branches of government including the legislature.

It’s time to #ReinventPA government and finally begin bringing Pennsylvania into the 21st century.

House Appropriations Chairman Stan Saylor on the details of the proposal


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The Specifics
- Tracking Run
- Financial Statement
- 10 year Total Spending History
- 10 year Education Spending History
- House Appropriations Committee hearings (video)

Reactions to Governor Wolf's Proposal

Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed a General Fund budget that spends a total of $32.34 billion - approximately $500 million over the current year.

Governor's line-by-line proposal
Financial statement for governor's proposal

Leaders of the PA House Republican Caucus respond after Gov. Wolf's budget address.

Speaker Mike Turzai on WPHT's Dom Giordano show.

PA House Majority Leader Dave Reed on KQV radio.