Roae Votes for Budget Advanced by House
HARRISBURG – With schools and human service agencies across the state running low on cash, state Rep. Brad Roae (R-Crawford/Erie) today voted for an emergency state funding bill approved by the House that would release money that has been tied up since the governor vetoed the state budget.

“Many students, senior citizens, veterans and other Pennsylvanians will be directly affected if the governor refuses to release this funding,” said Roae. “We hope he will put their interests ahead of his own by signing the bill into law.”

The emergency state funding bill would provide approximately one-third of the annual state appropriation for most state government programs and services. This would enable schools, government agencies and human service providers to continue operating while lawmakers finalize a full state budget agreement.

The state House and Senate approved the emergency state funding bill after Wolf last week rejected a comprehensive budget proposal offered last month by the General Assembly.

Wolf continues to call for nearly $5 billion in tax increases this year and an additional $8 billion in tax hikes next year.

He proposed an increase in the state Personal Income Tax and a hike in the state sales tax. He also wants to apply the sales tax to more goods and services.

“When we brought the governor’s tax hikes up for a vote in the state House, they were rejected by every Republican and Democrat who voted on them,” Roae said. “The governor has brought an unrealistic approach to the negotiating table.”

The emergency state funding bill now heads to the governor’s desk to be signed into law or vetoed.

The governor also has the authority to approve some appropriations in the emergency state funding bill while vetoing others.

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