Mar. 01, 2022

HARRISBURG – Joined by 14 of his House Republican colleagues, House Majority Environmental Resources and Energy (ERE) Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) sent the following letter today urging Gov. Tom Wolf to ban the importation of Russian sourced energy and to end his job-killing, punitive crusade against the production and exportation of Pennsylvania natural gas and other abundant fossil fuels:

“We, the undersigned majority of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, demand that Governor Wolf and the agencies he oversees do everything in their power to support the growth and proliferation of Pennsylvania’s natural gas and energy to the free world. 

“With the recent Russian declaration of war against the Ukrainian people and the instability of the European energy markets, Pennsylvania has never been in a better position to power the world. The Commonwealth has a natural bounty of oil, gas, and coal that can heat homes, generate manufacturing feedstock, and fuel democracies far and wide. 

“You know of our immense potential, yet the State has been hamstrung by regulation, bans, time-intensive permitting, RGGI, and further taxation while you support energy means that cannot possibly power the needs of the 21st century. We must, through voice and actions, develop the energy resources we have and encourage their use by all who share our values and need our energy to carry and support them into a free and prosperous future.

“We laud your request to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to cease selling Russian produced liquors. It was a swift and simple request the office of the executive made, but in reality, the economic and social impact of such an action is a meek show of solidarity with the Ukrainian people and essentially impotent against the Government of Russia. Your action garnered media attention but is far from actual support for Ukraine, Western Democracies, or the Commonwealth’s interests.

“Just as the shallow oil and gas wells of Pennsylvania fueled the allies of the first World Wars, we should currently make use of our advanced production methods and technologies to provide Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and other resources to Europe and abroad. Instead of Russian LNG tankers entering American ports and the ports of our allies we should be exporting LNG to our friends across the world.

“We ask that you join the Legislature in our efforts to incur an actual impact on the situation in Europe and to urge New York and New Jersey to end their states’ policies banning the construction of any new natural gas pipelines. Furthermore, join the voices calling for an end to the natural gas development moratorium within the Delaware River Basin, an unnecessary and harmful moratorium that you chose to initially support. These bans are a detriment to the citizens of our state and our neighbors, and in the modern age also limit our means of getting energy off our shores and into the homes and businesses of our geopolitical allies. 

“If we truly care about the environment and our future energy, economic, and climate needs we would invest in domestic production instead of turning a blind eye to the standards of the Russian tundra. If anything, we and our neighboring states should ban importation of Russian sourced energy instead of making energy extraction, production, and transportation more difficult within our borders. Be a voice of encouragement to the Pennsylvanians yearning to share our liquified natural gas and energy with those in need.

“You must immediately call upon our neighboring states to encourage the means to transport our bountiful resources. Furthermore, you must encourage the extraction and refinement of our resources for the betterment of the free world. End your crusade against fossil fuels and recognize the gift of energy and production that exists beneath our feet. We sincerely request that you join us in our efforts to ease the lives of the citizens of this State, the people of this nation, and of our allies abroad.”

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Representative Daryl Metcalfe
12th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Ty McCauslin
717.772.9979 /