Sep. 24, 2015

HARRISBURG — State Rep. Mike Vereb (R-Montgomery) today in Harrisburg voted for an emergency state funding bill approved by the House that is now headed to the governor’s desk for his consideration.

“We hope the governor will strongly consider releasing funds for students, senior citizens and Pennsylvanians in need instead of continuing to withhold the money,” Vereb said.

Schools, local governments and agencies that provide state programs and services have not received state funding since Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a balanced, on-time state budget passed by the General Assembly in June.

The state House and Senate approved the emergency state funding bill after Wolf last week rejected a comprehensive budget compromise offered last month by the General Assembly.

“After the governor rejected the comprehensive budget proposal, we wanted to take swift action to release this funding,” Vereb said. “It could take months for the governor to finally agree to a full budget plan. Students and other Pennsylvanians shouldn’t have to wait that long.”

The emergency state funding bill would provide approximately one-third of the annual funding for most state government programs and services. This would enable schools, government agencies and human service providers to continue operating while lawmakers finalize a full state budget agreement.

The governor now may sign the bill into law and release the funding or veto the bill and continue to withhold funding from those who are waiting for it.

The governor also has the authority to approve some appropriations in the emergency funding bill while vetoing others.

“If the governor vetoes the entire bill, he will threaten the stability of schools and human service agencies in the Commonwealth,” Vereb said. “We hope he will choose to do what is best for Pennsylvanians relying on this money by signing the emergency state funding bill into law.”

Representative Mike Vereb
150th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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