Sep. 23, 2015

HARRISBURG – The state House on Monday unanimously passed legislation authored by Rep. Joe Emrick (R-Nazareth) that would more closely monitor the activities of the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission. House Bill 813 may now be taken up by the state Senate.

“My legislation simply clears up inconsistencies in state law and would allow a more transparent view into the commission’s financial practices,” Emrick said.

House Bill 813 is the combination of a three-bill package Emrick first introduced a few years ago. The actions it would put into statute are already part of New Jersey state law.

“New Jersey is waiting on us to comply,” added Emrick. “As a result, the commission has been able to operate unsupervised without someone keeping close tabs on activities such as the toll hike of 2011.”

The most significant facet of House Bill 813 would result in an annual financial and management audit of the commission to be performed jointly by the Auditor General of Pennsylvania and the State Auditor of New Jersey.

House Bill 813 would also give Pennsylvania’s governor the ability to veto the actions of any commission member from Pennsylvania after taking up to 10 days to examine those actions, something the governor of New Jersey already has the ability to do.

Questions about this or any legislative issue should be directed to Emrick’s district office at (570) 897-0401 or (610) 746-5090.

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