Sep. 22, 2015

HARRISBURG – In light of national news reports regarding the activities of Planned Parenthood and allegations of partial-birth abortions and the sale of fetal tissue, among others, Rep. Tim Krieger (R-Westmoreland) has filed amendments to the 2015-16 state budget that would substantially reduce funding for Planned Parenthood programs and services. The amendments are also designed to glean more information about the scope and nature of the organization’s activities in Pennsylvania.

“While we continue to negotiate a final state budget, I filed these amendments so that when the time comes to vote on a final spending document, we have measures in place to ensure that hard-working Pennsylvanians are not funding such disturbing and possibly illegal activities,” said Krieger, who has signed on to two letters, calling on both the State Board of Medicine and Auditor General Eugene DePasquale to further investigate the concerning activities.

In the meantime, Krieger and his colleagues on the House Pro-Life Caucus have been working to get information on the organization’s activities, especially the various funding mechanisms, programs and line items from which Planned Parenthood may receive state funds. However, the Westmoreland County lawmaker said getting that information is proving especially difficult.

It is also hard to determine, Krieger said, to what extent state services and entities, such as state-related universities or state-funded programs, may be using taxpayer money to further Planned Parenthood’s activities, such as whether research universities are purchasing fetal tissue. He believes that raising these questions by significantly reducing state budget funding would help to better understand where the money is going and to help determine if the organization is operating legally.

“So far, we have been met with silence on our questions, or outright denial of the information we are seeking,” he continued. “Our goal is simple: To ensure that the funding directed to Planned Parenthood, through whatever state line items may be in the budget, is open and transparent.”

Krieger’s amendments would substantially reduce funding from the lines believed to be used to fund Planned Parenthood activities.

“While consideration of the budget is pending, we invite Gov. Tom Wolf and his administration to aggressively pursue and investigate Planned Parenthood, and its activities both as to their legality, and to whether state funds should be flowing to this organization,” Krieger noted.

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Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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