Nov. 03, 2022

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Tracy Pennycuick (R-Montgomery) today had two bills signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf that will help address blight and establish a Women Veterans Day in Pennsylvania.

Act 126 of 2022 adds land banks to the list of entities that can be a conservator under the successful Abandoned and Blighted Property Conservatorship Act. It essentially expands the list of those who can become a conservator to help stabilize and revitalize neighborhoods affected by blight, encourage redevelopment of abandoned land and property, and increase surrounding property values.

“Blight in Pennsylvania is continuing to pose problems in many of our urban and even suburban communities. One of the solutions to help combat blight is to offer more opportunities for potential rehabilitation of these properties,” said Pennycuick. “Conservatorships can help end the cycle of vacancy, abandonment and tax foreclosure when dealing with difficult properties, as well as remedy deteriorating properties prior to conditions that require demolition.”

Land banks exist statewide, with 25 land banks operating in 20 counties across the state, and they provide yet another option for blight remediation. 

Act 129 of 2022 designates June 12 each year as Women Veterans Day in Pennsylvania. The idea for the legislation was presented to Pennycuick by local Montgomery County resident Robin Hightower.

There are currently more than 71,000 female veterans residing in Pennsylvania. And, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, by 2040 it is estimated that women will make up roughly 17% of the total veteran population. 

“Women have a long history of serving in the military, even before they were ‘officially’ permitted to serve,” said Pennycuick. “The citizens of this Commonwealth and this country truly are the beneficiaries of their sacrifice, which is why we should have a day set aside to recognize and honor them.”

While women have served in the American military since before the United States was established as a nation, it was not until 1948 that women were recognized as military members or veterans. President Harry S. Truman signed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act on June 12, 1948, which allowed women to serve as permanent, regular members of the United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force.

Both measures were among a slate of 66 bills signed into law today by the governor.

Representative Tracy Pennycuick
147th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tricia Lehman