Jun. 30, 2015

HARRISBURG – Following the passage of sweeping legislation to privatize the state’s wine and spirit stores and replace the current public employee pension system with a hybrid plan for new hires, Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny/Washington) called on Gov. Tom Wolf to heed the call of the people and sign the legislation into law.

“We are facing a pension crisis of epic proportions – a $50 billion Leviathan that threatens to saddle our children and grandchildren with decades of crushing debt,” said Saccone. “The bill we passed will save taxpayers on the order of $11 billion. It will make sure that state employees have a fair and equitable retirement system that more closely resembles that of the tax-paying citizens who support their generous benefit packages. The people support this reform. For the sake of our state, the governor needs to sign it.”

Saccone’s floor remarks on the pension legislation can be seen here:
The momentum in favor of taxpayers continued in the General Assembly with the passage of House Bill 466, which would phase out state ownership of wine and spirits stores while relinquishing the state’s wholesale monopoly through private sector leases. The moves, if enacted, are projected to raise $220 million.

“The antiquated ownership of state liquor stores dates back to Prohibition,” said Saccone. “The government has no more business selling alcohol than it does groceries, clothing or any other retail item. Taxpayers have made it clear they want more selection and choice. This bill would deliver it to them, while allowing us to balance the state’s budget without tax increases.”

These victories for the citizens of Pennsylvania come on the heels of an on-time, balanced budget passed by the General Assembly that fully funds state government without raising taxes. Wolf, however, has threatened to veto the budget package, which could result in at least a partial state government shutdown.

“The governor of this state wants to raise sales, income and energy taxes on every man, woman and child to the tune of almost $5 billion in the first year alone,” said Saccone. “Constituents tell me every day that they can’t afford higher taxes. The governor needs to understand that Pennsylvania taxpayers are not his personal ATM. The budget we passed is a good bill. I call upon him to sign it.”

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