Mar. 27, 2024

To the Editor:
On March 23, Vice President Kamala Harris announced the formation of The White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention. They claim the office will identify a number of new executive actions and assist in coordinated efforts with local and state officials to identify and prevent individuals who could be considered a risk to themselves or others from possessing firearms.

As your state representative, it is my duty to review and understand these efforts and how they may affect your and your families’ rights as outlined in our United States and Pennsylvania constitutions.

With the details provided, the Biden-Harris newly formed office seems to rely heavily on unelected officials overseeing a public-private partnership to implement a national Red Flag policy to suspend or confiscate the firearms of lawful American citizens. This initiative places far too much authority into the hands of unelected and untrained people to violate your privacy and property rights, Second Amendment rights, due process rights, and your right to personal self-defense.

As your representative, I have witnessed our governor’s actions in relying on these unelected bureaucrats in demanding more unconstitutional laws to limit the rights of every law-abiding, tax-paying Pennsylvanian, and have personally aired my concerns with his actions to violate our Constitution. The House Democrat majority is his ally here, and just this week advanced a bill, House Bill 777, that would essentially create a de facto registry to find self-assembled firearms.

I promise you I will continue to stand against the unconstitutional weaponization of state and federal partnerships that assault every law-abiding citizen and “We the People” of the 50th District and every Pennsylvanians’ God-given rights.

Representative Bud Cook
50th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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717.772.9846 /