Jun. 27, 2024

HARRISBURG – House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) Thursday voted in opposition to legislation that would expand Sunday hunting across Pennsylvania.

“When this issue first came up, the vast majority of constituents I spoke to in my district were opposed to expanding Sunday hunting. I voted against the expansion then and, in discussions about current expansion proposals, it is clear the mood of the residents of southern Lancaster County has not changed,” Cutler said.

“While I have personally hunted on Sundays with my family under the currently available Sunday hunting opportunities, I will continue to represent the overwhelming opinion of my district and oppose further Sunday hunting expansion.”

Cutler noted farmers in his district have said how important a pause in hunting is during peak seasons.

“Southern Lancaster County is home to many farms and large tracts of wooded private property. It is true that during hunting season wild animals and livestock have their routines disrupted, trespasses (unintended or otherwise) increase, and the work of farmers and others who make their livelihoods outside is more disrupted than usual,” Cutler said. “The prohibition on Sunday hunting has traditionally represented an important balance many in my legislative district believe should remain in place.”

The Sunday hunting expansion legislative package, comprised of House Bills 2106, 2107, and 2108, did pass the Pennsylvania House of Representatives this week despite Cutler’s opposition and will now head to the Senate for consideration.

Republican Leader Bryan Cutler
100th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives